Quilted Big Leaf Maple Bowl $54.00 SOLD

This quilted maple bowl is paper thin.  It is less than 1/16″ thick. You can see light through it.  It reminds me of an oriental shape.  The quilting is very pronounced and looks three dimensional.

Please click on the pictures below to enlarge.

This bowl is 1 5/8″ tall and 5 1/4″ wide at the rim.

DSC_0677 (Large)DSC_0675 (Large)DSC_0674 (Large)DSC_0673 (Large)DSC_0672 (Large)DSC_0679 (Large)DSC_0684 (Large)


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  • Doug Dean says:

    Beautiful bowls! I have been fascinated by the quilted maple “pillow” look, and this looks like it brings it out very nicely. If I were to buy this one, and Bowl #421, which has very fine figuring as well, but appears to be more along the “lines” vs. “pillows”, what would you charge?
    I am very interested in learning how to do this myself, but probably need to take a course in woodworking…I’m sure there is a lot to know! How fine is the sandpaper grit to finish these? What kind of oil is used to finish/protect them? What is the care procedure?

    Thanks….you do awesome work!

    Doug Dean

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