#433 Box Elder Bowl $58.00 SOLD

This small box elder bowl has lovely figure and a wonderful rose streak on one side and rose patches on the other side.  Wood with this figure is often refered to as “flame box elder”.  The red or “rose” color will fade to brown if it is exposed to prolonged direct sunlight.  This bowl is best displayed in an area without direct sunlight.  The shape is very clean with a small foot.

Please click on the pictures below to enlarge.

This bowl is 2 3/8″ tall and 5 5/8″ wide at the rim.

DSC_0845 (Large)DSC_0846 (Large)DSC_0847 (Large)DSC_0848 (Large)DSC_0842 (Large)DSC_0843 (Large)DSC_0844 (Large)

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