#545 Curly Walnut Bowl $68.00 SOLD

This is not really curly walnut but I couldn’t help it.  My wife calls this my milk chocolate bowl and I couldn’t call it that.  I had to tell her something.  This Walnut Bowl has beautiful big growth rings that make the wood look curly.  The color is a very light (milk chocolate) brown.  It has a very small foot and so is more for show than utility.  It has a high sheen gallery quality finish.

This bowl is 8 5/8″ wide at the rim and 3 1/2″ tall.

Please click on the pictures below to enlarge.

Walnut #545 001_edited (Large)Walnut #545 005_edited (Large)Walnut #545 011_edited (Large)Walnut #545 012_edited (Large)Walnut #545 016_edited (Large)Walnut #545 017_edited (Large)Walnut #545 019_edited (Large)Walnut #545 022_edited (Large)Walnut #545 029_edited (Large)Walnut #545 014_edited (Large)

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