#574 Birdseye Red Lace Maple Burl Bowl $288.00 SOLD

This stunning Birdseye Red Lace Maple Maple Burl Bowl has it all.  The red color is rare for sure but the figure is spectacular.   The rays that extend up the walls almost appear 3D.  This may be the showiest bowl I’ve made.

This bowl is 12 3/4″ wide at the rim and is 3″ tall.

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IMG_5201 (1024x683)IMG_5203 (1024x683)IMG_5204 (1024x683)IMG_5205 (1024x683)IMG_5206 (1024x683)IMG_5207 (1024x683)IMG_5208 (1024x683)IMG_5193 (1024x683)IMG_5194 (1024x683)IMG_5195 (1024x683)IMG_5196 (1024x683)IMG_5197 (1024x683)IMG_5199 (1024x683)IMG_5198 (1024x683)IMG_5200 (1024x683)IMG_5202 (1024x683)

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