#584 Birdseye Hard Maple Bowl $159.00 SOLD

This birdseye hard maple bowl started life as a veneer core.  When a log is cut for veneer, it is a very special log.  What is left after the veneer knife is finished is the core, a cylinder 5-8″ in diameter and several feet long.  I bought several of these cores and this bowl is the first I have made from them.  This birdseye is the most stunning I have ever seen.  The bowl is elegant and the hard maple finishes smooth as glass.  It has a high sheen gallery quality finish.

This bowl is 7 1/4″ wide at the rim and is 3 3/4″ tall.

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IMG_5288 (1280x853)IMG_5282 (1280x853)IMG_5280 (1280x853)IMG_5278 (1280x853)IMG_5287 (1280x853)IMG_5286 (1280x853)IMG_5285 (1280x853)IMG_5284 (1280x853)


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  • Carolyn Lee says:

    This is a beautiful, beautiful bowl. You’ve captured the lovely quality of this bird’s eye maple spectacularly in this bowl. IF another bowl similar to this is ever created again, please let me know as I’m interested in adding a decorative piece of this quality to my dining room (as a centerpiece).


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