#603 Wild Black Cherry Bowl $179.00 SOLD

This is another piece from a wild black cherry tree that was cut down near by.  It has beautiful color ranging from the cream colored sapwood to the orange-pink heartwood.  Cherry has tight grain and finishes very well making it very pleasing to the touch.  This would make a great working bowl in the kitchen or dining room.

This bowl is 3 1/2″ high and 9 1/2″ wide at the rim.

Please click on the pictures below to enlarge.

Shipping: I ship almost all of my pieces via USPS Priority Mail, insured, signature required. The signature is required for insurance. Most items in the lower 48 arrive in 2-3 days. If you are not concerned about insurance (if it is damaged and not insured you have no recourse) and a speedy delivery, ask me to ship it the cheapest way in the order comments. I will gladly refund the difference between what you paid and what it costs. Typically the difference is $5 to $10 dollars less.

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