#626 Claro Walnut Burl Bowl $129.00 SOLD

Part of being a woodturner is dealing with what happens when wood changes state.  This bowl blank arrived and immediately began cracking.  I mounted it right away and kept chasing the cracks.  The result is a mushroom shaped bowl.  This is a gorgeous piece of claro walnut burl that became an odd shape as the forces of nature, in this case the giving off of water vapor in the drying process, forced me to be creative with the shape.  After it was all said and done, I still had to repair a small crack in the foot.  This is some of the most spectacular claro walnut burl I’ve seen.  If you like the shape, you’ll love the bowl.  This bowl will make quite an eyecatching display piece.

This bowl is 2 1/4″ high and 7 3/4″ wide at the rim.

Please click on the pictures below to enlarge.

IMG_5742 (1280x815)IMG_5746 (1280x731)IMG_5747 (1280x853)IMG_5748 (1280x853)IMG_5750 (1280x853)IMG_5758 (1280x854)IMG_5755 (1280x841)IMG_5754 (1280x853)IMG_5753 (1280x853)IMG_5752 (1280x853)IMG_5751 (1280x853)

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