Large Puzzle $88.00

Our puzzles are made with solid maple or poplar, cherry, walnut and oak pieces.  The large puzzle has 32 pieces and can be arranged in hundreds of symetrical and asymetrical patterns.  Below are four symetrical patterns.  Click on the pictures to enlarge.

The large puzzles are 10 3/4″ long  by 10 3/4″ wide and 1 1/4″ tall.

Newest Bowls 123 (Large)Newest Bowls 121 (Large)Newest Bowls 117 (Large)Newest Bowls 126 (Large)


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  • Hello.
    We love your Quilt Puzzles and would love to have them for the Holidays.
    What are the sizes? (the numeral values here are ‘0’)
    Also, are the prices here ($48 and $78) the retail prices?
    My last questions is would you be willing to consign with us?

    Thank you,

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