#775 Quilted Big Leaf Maple Bowl $149.00 SOLD

This quilted big leaf maple bowl has fantastic figure and wonderful color from cream to reddish brown.  The quilting is evanescent, it looks three dimensional when you move the bowl in the light.  It has an undercut rim and a beautiful flowing line.  This is an extraordinary bowl.  It has a medium sheen, gallery quality finish.

This bowl is 12″ wide at the rim and is 2 1/8″ tall.

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One Response to “#775 Quilted Big Leaf Maple Bowl $149.00 SOLD”

  • Doug Dean says:

    Steve, haven’t heard from you in a while! This bowl/platter almost fits the bill! If it had the quilting all the way through, I would snap it up in a minute. Hopefully you are still keeping me in mind if you come across a piece like that. The dimensions of this seen just about right (even a little bigger would be great as I would like to put it in a display stand). Thanks for keeping me in mind, and I hope you and your family are doing well. You still have the finest bowls in the market!

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