Stephen Sanders, Master Woodturner

Stephen Sanders, Master Woodturner

Please take a moment to sign our guestbook below.  We value your comments and suggestions.  Please come back often to see the newest work.  We add new pieces every week or two.

Steve Sanders
Sanders Fine Woodworking

(ps – My wife, Pennie, is camera averse but I’m still trying)


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  • Rita Douglas says:

    Absolutely beautiful work.

  • Melissa Yahia says:

    your bowls are so beautiful! I am looking for a salad bowl approx 12 x 4- 4.5″ high
    spalted hackenberry, lots of striations, very light wood with dark striping. If anything becomes available in that size please let me know! gorgeous work!

  • Kim Burnham says:

    Wow Steve, your pieces are beautiful, very impressive.

  • Bill W. says:

    Congratulations on your recent national show selection! I’m glad to see your work being recognized. Couldn’t happen to a nicer fellow. Good luck in Chicago!

  • Evelyn says:

    I received the spalted hackberry salad bowl today (#491), it’s absolutely stunning! I purchased it for my daughter’s bridal shower. I know she and her future husband will enjoy it for years to come. Thanks!

  • P. Richard Mathewson (with one "T") says:





    LATER > P .R. (ONE “T”)

  • Benjamin Chang says:

    Received three more pieces, all finely turned with a precision above anyone else I have found, wonderfully finished, all works of art

  • Benjamin Chang says:

    The finest turned work I have seen with great wood, exquisitely shaped and finished

  • Mary Rose says:

    Absolutely amazing work! Very beautiful.

  • Steve,
    I can not thank you enough for the BEAUTIFUL bowls that you donated to the silent auction for the Will Golf 4 Kids event to benefit the Arkansas Childrens Hospital. They are SO Amazingly Beautiful!! Everyone who has seen them can not get over their beauty and craftmanship! The bowls are going to be such a unique treasure this year to our auction! Your kindness and hard work are so much appreciated! You are saving children’s lives! God bless you!!

    Laura Hellinga

  • Doug Dean says:

    I’ve bought 4 bowls…so far, because the beauty and quality is awesome! You’ve been able to make the most out of the character of the grain, and the shape of the bowl. The quilted maple is 3D! It is almost as though each bowl has it’s own “show” going on! When you say it has a “gallery quality finish”, you aren’t kidding! I’ve never seen wood that is so silky smooth, and looks “wet” which makes the grain and character really stand out! I will be purchasing more…the craftsmanship is 1st rate, and the prices are very reasonable. Thank you!

    Doug Dean
    Stillwater, MN

  • Frank Fereday says:

    Wow…..your work is awesome…!

  • Sarah-Daughter says:

    Your website looks great Dad! I’m sooo proud of you. I’ve been telling everyone I know to check out your site (and buy something!) I even posted your link on my facebook page today. Your work is so very impressive and it floors me how you can turn a piece of wood into a work of art. I love how some of them shine like gold. You continue to impress me every day. Love you! XOXOXOXO

  • Bill says:

    I gifted one of your bowls to my wife for Valentines Day and she LOVED it! We are past the jewelry (at least I am) and chocolate routine for VDay and the change-up was a hit. Your wood selections and attention to detail never cease to amaze me, or Jane.

    Just saw the new maple platter – W O W! I can’t wait to see what you post next.

    Thanks again!
    Bill and Jane

  • Joe Corporon says:

    Clean, quality craftsmanship, brother – Beautiful, just beautiful. Like you, I am particularly drawn to the utilitarian function and strong form of the bowl (spent an early year in college ceramics throwing nothing but bowls – hundreds of them). However, there’s something magical in the dazzling surfaces and natural warmth provided by wood. I understand your passion.

    Form, function, strength and natural beauty – can’t miss.

    Thanks for the tour – your website’s a real treat. I’ll be back.

  • Jarrett Burr says:

    Incredible work! I love turning too, Steve, and hope to produce some pieces as remarkable as yours someday. Next time you’re in, get ready because I’m going to pick your brain about your techniques! Hope ya’ll are doing well.
    Jarrett Burr

  • Diane Carpenter says:

    Steve, amazing workmanship not to mention the great website! I love the platters, hollow art pieces and the bowls. I hope to own one soon….soon as I make up my mind.


  • John & Nancy Baker says:

    Steve, your craftsmanship and artistry should and will be admired by everyone! The cutting board and puzzle are of extraordinary quality. Nancy and I are in the process of redecorating around the house and you have and will be a great help. Thank you for everything! John & Nancy

  • Bill says:

    Thanks again for the beautiful puzzle. I gave it to my wife for Christmas at it was a big hit! The entire family passed it around throughout the holiday and came up with some very interesting designs.

    Thanks again!
    Bill & Jane

  • Pam Bass says:

    Hi Steve & Pennie, Enjoyed your web site very much. Your work is beautiful.
    I love those cutting boards. Also enjoyed your story of how you started in wood work. Pam Bass

  • tim & mike says:


    Your friends at CPE wish you good luck with your new adventure,your work is

    P.S. Please don’t show it to our wives until busness picks up.

  • Tracy says:

    Well Steve, you have done a tremendous job on the Website and an awesome job on the woodwork contained in the site. I hope to get over to visit soon. Keep up the great work my friend.

  • Suellen Lappe says:

    WOW Steve! That is all I can say is WOW! Your work is absolutely beautiful. I love the Hackberry selections, although I love them all. In particular, your new baby Henrietta Grace is a sweetie!

  • The Golfer says:

    I just wanted to let you know i checked out the site, and i think it was done very well. Your work has always impressed me, and always will impress me, and i know the passion you carry for being in the shop. I hope business goes well, and i look forward to working with you when i get some free time.
    P.S. I think getting Henry into the pictures was a great move, lol.

  • Karl says:

    Thx for the follow-up heads up on your site….. wow- terrific woodworking Steve, nicely done….. web site and all. Very professional. Congrats!!!
    Was only disappointed that I didn’t see any reference to the very special Lancaster County cherry burls provided to you!!! (laffin)
    We will certainly always treasure the signed bowl you gave us!
    Your Yankee friends from PA.
    Karl & Donna

  • Dianna - daughter says:

    Daddy, I have always known that you were talented; talented at everything you have ever attempted (especially making great kids). But I am not exaggerating when I say how impressed and inspired I am by what you have started here. Your craftsmanship is nothing short of amazing, and this website makes ME want to buy your pieces, and I live with you! The time and love that you put into your craft and this website are greatly apparent, and I am so proud of you for pursuing it wholeheartedly. I know you will be a success. XOXOXO

  • "Auntie" says:

    Beautiful work you two do. I enjoyed seeing the craftsmanship of your projects. Keep up the good work.–Auntie

  • Steve, I am thrilled that you have decided to pursue a life long hobbie that highlights such an array of craftsmanship, and fine art. May you retire some day with more business than the day is long! Very impressive site and artwork. Your friend, Greg-

  • Looking great and your work is awesome!

  • Bill says:

    WOW! Nice work! Love your wood selections.

  • dino says:

    your stuff is awesome

  • Vicki Corporon says:

    Your bowl draws rave reviews from guests who see it displayed on the dining room buffet, when it’s not filled with delectable foods on the table.

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