#484 Spalted Big Leaf Maple Bowl $119.00 SOLD

This beautiful spalted big leaf maple bowl also has fiddleback figure.  The ink black transition lines demarcate the spalting.  The rich deep pink is unusual in big leaf maple.

This bowl is 9″ wide at the rim and is 2 1/2″ tall.

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2 Responses to “#484 Spalted Big Leaf Maple Bowl $119.00 SOLD”

  • admin says:


    I will gladly accept a return if you are not satisfied. I do not charge a restocking fee. I do ask that you make that decision within a few days of receiving the item.

    Stephen Sanders

  • Kathryn Wehmeier says:

    I have item #484 (spalted maple salad bowl) pending purchase for a Christmas gift. What is your return policy?

    Thank you.

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